the most unbalanced woman in comeDY

Welcome to the wonderful world of Carolynn Mincin!

“The Most Unbalanced Woman in Comedy”

Comedian,  Actress, Voice Over Artist, Writer and Singer

Currently a member of an ensemble cast and writer for the Bob Gonzo Show on Comedy Mondays.

In addition to being a cast member, she also writes her own comedy sketches.  Carolynn Mincin is a comic, actress, voice over artist, singer and writer who has finally discovered the redhead within. Carolynn has been performing in clubs in the  Metro New York / New Jersey areas as well as working in commercials and voice overs.   

Carolynn has been called the “definition of high energy", "off the wall "and  "not afraid to let her inner child run rampant".

Laughter brings healing and focus and her mission is to let the world know about it. BTW, did you know that God has a rather diverse sense of humor???   Seriously, He does!

Member of  SAG-AFTRA
For commercials, films, television, voiceovers, print work and stage, Carolynn can be contacted at
For Standup Comedy Bookings

Contact Bob Gonzo 973-770-0032